Saturday, March 8, 2008

Warren Buffett Video Clips On Stock Market Investing - Part 2

If you missed yesterday's Warren Buffett Stock Market Investing Video Clip post, I suggest you go back and check it out. In this post I am showing the last 5 video clips in the set of 10 that make up a talk that Warren Buffett gave to some MBA students.

As I said yesterday, if you have the time a strongly urge you to watch all of these video clips. The enormous amount of common sense the man brings to the subject of stock market investing always amazes me. It's a pity he never wrote a book on investing - I'm sure it would be a great read for those just starting out in the stock market but also to those who have been around for a while.

On that note, if you are interested in reading Buffett's writings, I suggest you head over to the Berkshire Hathaway website and read his letters to shareholders. The complete set is available for viewing or downloading. They make for a great read.

Anyway, enough from me for now - on the with the second half of the set of video clips.

Warren Buffett Video - Part 6

Warren Buffett Video - Part 7

Warren Buffett Video - Part 8

Warren Buffett Video - Part 9

Warren Buffett Video - Part 10

As I said earlier, the man makes an enormous amount of sense. I like the point he made about Coca Cola (sorry, I can't remember what number clip it is now). It might pay to keep that example in mind as you approach your next investment. Think about what the company (and therefore the stock) will be doing years from now, rather than just months. It's something not just beginners need to keep in mind. Even those who have been investing in the stock market for a while can forget to take a long term view.


Anonymous said...

Buffett has 2 t's.

aussie said...

Don't I feel foolish - being corrected by the great man himself. Thanks for the tip - the title is now correct. I wondered why I got all of this search traffic looking for Buffett with 1 t...

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